Wednesday, February 20, 2008
5:53 AM

im sorry, i dont live for you. i dont live for anyone. why should i even beg for forgiveness?

oops sorry alis i had to vent. hehe. (: guess i'm not transfering anymore. good and bag thing right? perhaps i'm too scared to move to a new environment. ive been in acs intl' for 3 yrs afterall...moving to another school can also mean 'betraying' acs. lol. and im not the type to do tht!>< haha. so hows life darls? better right? i mean from the last time u tlked to me, u were pretty upset.and i cudnt do anything bout it): coz we have diff breaks and all..but u knw if u r upset again jus find me kay? sms(: i'm jus an sms/call away haha^^

hope things will get better for you, coz mine is brightening up=)

with much love xx

If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
6:27 AM

Tuesday, 12 June 07

BRENDA! i miss you ): we must meet soon! ): ):

iim in an attempt to bring this blog to life, though i know, we're gonna switch to xanga soon right :D

anyways, just here to say hope you've been doing well and hope your holidays have been great too (: mine's been BORING so far. i havent gone out with ANYONE practically,'ve tuition everyday ):

ohh well.

i haven't really finished all my homework yet!

i have econs left. doing chemistry now.

and 2 admath and emath tests to study for, one bio test to study for

): ):

do you have as many tests too or are all the year threes the only ones having big work loads ):

sigh. at least we're still not taking IGCSE yet! talk rot, not SO bad huh :D

as for now,

back to chemistry.

bye dear (: miss you. talk to you soon.


If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.
Friday, April 27, 2007
6:43 PM
>hurt at first a little bit, but im so over it;

Saturday, 28 April 2007.

BRENDA! i feel SUPER bored that im updating our blog. even though we're moving to xanga soon aye. XD. oh by the way, you were the last person that read my blog before i officially deleted it XD HAHA. lame luh. >.< oh wwell.

JOJO ROCKS! KELLY CLAKRSON ROCKS! KAT MCPHEE'S THE BEST!!! ahhhhh omg. have you heard her song "over it"? its DAMNNNN NICE (: ahh heck. oh well.

anyway mid years must be coming up for you right. cause you have history/geography papers. one of those. oh well. i've got loads of coursework practicals during the mid year duration too and i most probably messed up all of them ): oh well.

so JIA YOU! jia you for mid years. we'll go shopping and take neos in the june hols. or like after mid years or something kay. <33333

CYA (: as for now, ive gotta study econs. got econs test next monday for me. ): see you! (:

loads of Xs and Os.

a L i S (:

If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.
Saturday, March 24, 2007
11:48 PM

Sunday. 25 March 2007.

dear Bren,

OUR BLOG IS DEAD =/ sigh. oh well.

you know what. im super tired today.

im so tired from homework ): ): oh well.

i miss the times where we posted everyday ): ):!

ah heck im super tired and bored now.

post soon pretty please (: (:

<3 alis (:

If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.
Thursday, March 15, 2007
12:14 AM

Thursday. 15 March 2006.

we have 42 posts brenda! HAHA. we haven't even crossed the half-way mark. HAHA. oh well. i msged you on tuesday at like 11 or something and you were watching marriage! HAHA. i wish the tv at church camp had KBS world. KBS has DAJA SPRING <3 omg. daja spring rocks the world down. itts damn funny =P HAHA.

oh well.

im currently slacking when im supposed to be packing for tuition. i feel like such a lazy bump man. HAHA.

oh well.

tomorrow i'll call you and pri when you're at pri's house. HAHA! then we can have mini-tele-conference so-called. HAHA. pri, you, me. HAHAHA.

oh well. im really bored.

i was reading the lit text. aiya the story is super depressing! omg. and aiya its just super sad and depressing. urgh. its super draggy. apparently all the characters inside are losing their innocence.


all degenerating.


i think there's two characters who seriously shouldn't even exsist. they're super cruel luh.



i have like dunno how many days to read the thing until chapter 8. plus write some 9-11 paragraph literature ESSAY. im so screwed. ): oh well.

im screwed now too.

have to go pack for tuition.

then going back to the physician. i really hope its farewell to the medcine. HAHA.

heck i sound super sarcastic! URGH.

okay well.


see you.

no wait.

HEAR you over the phone tomorrow. with Pri. HAHA.


bye (:

If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.
Saturday, March 10, 2007
7:32 PM

Sunday. 11` March 2007.

omg Brenda i want THAT dress!!! (: (: its soooo pretty =P haha. if only i had more money to buy it or something. i don't know. oh well.

wait till my b day. HAHA. as what always happens.

anyway im really bored now. i was packing for church camp just now. plus piano. but now i have nothing much to do and am extremely sick of studying. HAHA. oh well. lucky you. you don't have soo so much homework. XD oh well.

i couldn't squeeze the damn sleeping bag into the bag so i tried squeezing it into the water bottle compartment. but it didn't work either. HAHA. so in the end i decided i'll just hook to the bag itself. HAHA. ah crap it man. haha.

oh well. im hungry. i'll go eat sth.

catch up with you online or something. cya!

<33 alisa

If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.
Thursday, March 08, 2007
2:47 PM
>cause baby its just too little too late;

Friday. 9 March 07.


dear Bren, guess its kinda weird to post at SUCH a time but. oh well. i decided i'll just post first cause i won't have time to later. HAHA! anyway happy last day of school! (: i'll be missing you in the holidays okaye ): ): oh well.

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE JOJO (:! haha. listening to it like crazy.


oh well.

you know i just realized, i lost my tie. like.. C.R.A.P.

sigh. i think im getting worser by the minute. i left it english class last week. just remembered when my teacher brought it up. SIGH. ):oh well.

cya! (:


If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.

5:46 AM

thursday. 8 March 2006.

BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA!! im BACK!! (: (: HAHA. guess what. each time we talk i go high too! OMG! anyway i'lll make this post a short one cause i got tuition work to do too. >.<

i just showered. haha. and before that i just got back from my physician. he practically did the same thing so its nothing much (: haha i don't know. i m just not really used to it cause this is the first time im wearing an ankle guard. s-l-a-s-h cast. haha. okay sorry that was random. HAHA. =P

oh well. yeah.

it was okay i guess.


i still have to take medcine and wear the cast till next monday. sometimes it just makes me wanna think : when will it ever end?

just like. never mind. i'll tell you in school or sth. haha.

but yeah. feels like this thing is never gonna end. ): ): sigh. i pulled out of captains ball tomorrow just cause of this. ): and i haven't been going netball a crap load and now i really suck as compared to the whole team ): ah well. it just has to happen. but there's always blogging here and talking to you! and thinking of you <333 that makes me happy (: (: (: (:

YAYY! smileys! haha. PS: i sprained my ankle when i fell down two steps and landed on the side.. yeah.


you have a korean name? thats so cool! haha. a friend once told me i had a japanese name but i like. forgot what it was =P haha.

anyway. (: i gottta get to tuition work.

sigh. i really can't stand year3 sometimes.

why can't we have a chance to chase after the things we wanna do? i mean studies is important but isn't doing what we wanna do just as important too. (:

oh well. yeah (:

wanna say THANK YOU (: (: for being such a loving caring friend <333333


friends forever! (:


PS : its okay if you can't make on this saturday. how about march holidays on friday?

If your love was all I had in this life,
that would be enough until the end of time.

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